The release of Ryzen 3900X and the Ryzen 3950X in September this year may allow AMD to become a credible threat to Intel. The product has a combination of high performance, low-power usage, and affordability. The mix of those offerings count as big reasons why Intel has to worry about what AMD is doing.

Key Takeaways:

1. Kevin Cassidy, an analyst specializing in semiconductor equities, asserted that the release presents a challenge to Intel.

2. AMD chips are now selling twice as much as Intel chips, based on the market data.

3. 3900X is compatible with AM4 motherboards, particularly the 300-series and the 400-series.

Quote: “The best part about the Ryzen 3900X is the price tag. This is why AMD poses a threat to Intel. For instance, this cost of this processor is about the same as the Intel Core i9-9900K. That one only features eight cores and 16 threads. Of course, it should be noted that AMD has yet to solve the puzzle of trumping Intel chip’s single-core performance.” (Redhead, 2019)

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