Build your own ideal Desktop PC from a selection of the most reliable, branded components or buy from a wide range of branded Desktop PCs and All-in-ones (HP, Lenovo, ASUS, MSI, Acer, Gigabyte, Microsoft, and Dell). Our extensive Desktop PC collection has some of the most robust and powerful machines on the market. We fulfill the needs of all types of Desktop users. Whether you are a computer professional or a casual internet user; we have the perfect machines for you. For gamers, we have gaming Desktops that will help them amplify their online gaming experience. We also supply powerful, ready-to-use business computers for office environments. Our business computers feature standard components with enough power to run typical applications. Apart from regular Desktop PCs you can choose from a wide range of Apple Mac PCs. Mac Mini is a small sized computer which is ideal for general use. Mac Pro is workstation which is world class with its unbeatable performance and stylish exterior. You can also choose an iMac as an elegant and powerful workstation with a bigger screen.


Choose the best portable PC that suits you from our huge collection. We have traditional Windows laptops, Apple MacBooks, and Chromebooks. We offer the most stylish and well-rounded laptops, super-slim Ultrabooks, as well as powerful workstations and VR-ready gaming laptops with dedicated graphics cards. For businesses, we have laptops with all the commercial requirements. You may want to customize your laptops. For that, we have accessories in every category to fit your needs. We are authorized value added reseller and service provider for most of the PC brands.


Buy all kinds of software for your home or business computers from us. We sell Operating Systems, application utilities, and renowned malware protection software. Our software categories include: • Business Applications • Creativity Applications • Operating Systems • Network Applications • Security Applications • Development Tools • Education Applications • Virtualization Software • Training and reference We offer software installation and maintenance services as well.


You will find any of the computer accessories in our store. We have a huge collection of accessories from different brands. For gaming needs we have gaming keyboards, mice, mousepads, and headsets. For laptop safety we have cooling pads/stands and bags. We also have chargers for laptops. You will find basic mice and keyboards for regular-use computers. Computer Power Cords, Adapters, Power Supply Unit, UPS. Display converters for display output.

Memory and Storage

We have a wide range of memory and storage devices available. You can buy flash memory for smaller backups, or hard drives for your bulk storage. For general computer storage we sell Internal and Portable Hard Disks. We also sell Solid State Drives that will improve your PC performance significantly. We have cases for any of these devices. For your tablets or cameras, we have memory cards of different types and capacities. We have Pen Drives of different sizes as well. For large storage and backups for your computer network, we have network-attached storage (NAS) devices available.

Printers and Scanners

If you're looking for an inkjet that can print your high-quality captures effortlessly, or a laser printer that can print out tons of monochrome documents at super speeds, then you’ve come to the right place. We carry printers in the following categories: • Document Printer • Photo Printer • Card Printer • Label Printer • POS Printer • Barcode Printer For pixel perfect scanning we have the best scanners available. We offer Flatbed Scanners that that can fit standard or legal-sized documents. We sell Photo Scanners that can help you scan photos with high resolution and color depth. Also we have Portable Scanners that are small enough to put in your pocket that can be used for your casual scanning use.


If you feel your business has grown large enough that it requires a server, we can provide any type of server you need. For the easier administration of computers and user accounts, we can setup Active Directory. For bulk storage, we have File Servers and NAS. For the management of printers and printing user documents on your network we provide print servers. Database servers manage common databases for your network. We provide all the hardware and software to build the servers. You can choose your server computers and components from any of the world’s best server manufacturer such as Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.


We provide dynamic networking solutions that help you design and build an optimal network according to your requirements. We provide seamless application integration for better performance and user experience. We build a network with highest security standard to prevent any security threat. The goal of our networking services are keeping your business running smoothly. Our Routing and Switching services include planning and designing the optimal network for your business. It also covers network monitoring and management services, along with intrusion detection and prevention. We provide all the required components for routing and switching from world's best manufacturers. We also offer solutions for wired and wireless network extension that allows you to expand your business that has old infrastructure.