Intel is going to introduce the integer scaling support in its graphics driver in response to the community requesting it,. The integer scaling is important in preserving details from the lower-resolution content to run in full-screen. Aside from the IS, users could also use nearest-neighbor, to scale to the maximum monitor’s width or height.

Key Takeaways:

1. The ideal IS scenario could involve a monitor equipped with a resolution above the original one.

2. The only way not to take advantage of the integer scaling is if the original content can’t be doubled in size with the monitor’s native resolution.

3. Since the scaling will be using an unusual multiplier, not all pixels will look perfect.

Quote: “If a game never supported better than 640×480, for example, the ideal monitor to upscale it to full-screen would be 2560×1920, but since those panels either don’t exist or are at least uncommon, we’d probably expect people to instead upscale to an odd multiple and then deal with blurring.” (Williams, 2019)

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