Intel announced that the F-series line will be released in January due to the shortage of processors. They had to replace the originally planned parts, still, the company was able to have an increased number of suppliers with comparable parts without compromising its price.

Key Takeaways:

1. The F-series line has the same CPUs and prices. They only differ because of the disabled integrated GPUs.

2. Graphic card bundles, software and game bundles, and other incentives are some of its advantages and benefits.

3. The F-series line will remain in the market even after the shortage period occurs.

Quote: “It’s usually hard to convince people to buy an inferior product that costs the same as its superior counterpart. But when the inferior option is the only one people can easily buy, it suddenly becomes a lot easier, as Pepsi discovered when restaurants started to offer its sodas instead of Coca-Cola’s. Intel learned that same lesson with its F-series processors, which have reportedly become increasingly popular among system builders since their debut.” (Mott, 2019)

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