Microsoft is hard at work on its next major update to Windows 10. The major news coming out about that next version is that it includes a password-less sign-in for Microsoft accounts. PC Owners can choose among the following methods of authentication: Windows Hello face authentication, fingerprints, or a PIN code. The update is aimed at making people’s logins faster and more secure. How secure the methods will be remains to be seen in the future.

Key Takeaways:

1. The password option can no longer be seen on the login screen once you allow the “make your device password-less” feature to takeover.

2. Microsoft asserts that a PIN code is far more secure than a password.

3. Microsoft plans to allow users to remove the password option entirely from the Windows 10 login screen.

Quote: “So why does Microsoft want people to stop using passwords to log into Windows 10 PCs? It’s really simple: passwords suck. People love to reuse them across every website and on their personal devices, and although we have a number of two-factor authentication methods available, it’s still difficult to convince people to use them.” (Warren, 2019)

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