Microsoft Not Worried about Tariffs Yet

There was a report last week claiming that there are a large number of tech companies ready to move from China if tariffs were introduced into the area. The companies that were said to be considering the move included large tech firms such as Microsoft, HP, and Lenovo. However, Microsoft and Lenovo have given their statements about the claims. What they have said is that there are no plans to move. HP is going to take a wait and see approach. They will be working with the government to ensure the best interests of its customers, partners, and consumers.

Key Takeaways:

1. Nikkei report was “inaccurate” as per Redmond.

2. Other companies in China are not giving any comments or reactions yet. The other companies are well known companies such as Amazon, Asus, Dell, Google, Nintendo, and Sony.

3. This intensifying trade war plays a vital role in the future of many electronic dealers and electronic makers because of the rising cost due to possible tariffs influencing the price of parts.

Quote: “Microsoft has debunked chatter that it’s planning to pull shift out of China amid escalating trade tensions with the US.” (Page, 2019)

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