Microsoft shares hit another record as Cowen analysts predict it will hit 25% Cowen analysts are seeing more gains ahead as Microsoft’s stock keeps on breaking records. They are also looking at the cloud products to become the bigger portion of Microsoft’s profit in the future. They are predicted to get an increase of 39% annually. Equating to $49.1 Billion in fiscal 2025, from the previous $9.6 Billion in fiscal 2020.

Key Takeaways:

1. Microsoft has just climbed as high as $139.22 on Thursday after Cowen’s coverage. It got an excellent rating as well as a $150 price target.

2. Microsoft reclaimed the title of World’s Most Valuable Public Company with a market capitalization of above $1 Trillion.

3. The analysts predict that the Commercial Cloud could be a major contributor to growth.

Quote: “We believe MSFT’s hybrid approach will continue to resonate with customers who want to migrate at their own pace,” Yako and Sippel wrote. (Solomon, 2019)

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