The announcement of the Windows 10 upgrade greatly affected the PC market worldwide. Lenovo and HP, respectively, say they have shipped 15,774 and 16,254 devices in Q2.

Key Takeaways:

1. Garner noted that Intel’s long-running CPU shortage has an ongoing impact on the market. It has done so for the past 18 months.

2. Dell has the 3rd most shipments with almost 17% of claimed global shipments.

3. Apple managed to move additional units into the channel with plenty of inventory on-hand.

Quote: “However, the closing sprint is unlikely to generate the spike seen when Windows XP met its EOS because we are further ahead of the migration with two quarters to go. Still, organizations looking to finish their migration will create new opportunities for the market in the coming quarters.” Additionally, Gartner notes that Intel’s long-running CPU shortage is finally starting to ease up, which it notes has been an “ongoing impact on the market for the past 18 months.” (Page, 2019)

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