Samsung Electronics announced a Neural Processing Unit. A neural processing unit is a kind of processor that is optimized for deep learning algorithm computations. Samsung Electronics hopes this model will strengthen its grip and leadership in the global system semiconductor industry by 2030. Samsung says the newest innovation is over 4x lighter and 8x faster than the existing ones.

Key Takeaways:

1. On-Device AI technologies are directly computing and processing data from the device itself.

2. Quantization Interval Learning or QIL can retain data accuracy by re-organizing the data to be presented in bits smaller than the existing size.

3. It can be mounted directly in-device at the place where the data for an image or fingerprint sensor is being obtained.

Quote: “Samsung’s On-Device AI technologies are lower-power, higher-speed solutions for deep learning that will pave the way to this future. They are set to expand the memory, processor and sensor market, as well as other next-generation system semiconductor markets.” (Anna, 2019)

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